I'm back ya'll! My God this passed days we are so busy from moving out to moving in. I'm so tired, exhausted and my whole body is aching. Moving out to our old place is such a big mess. We packed and cleaned the whole house. Without the helped of my friends I don't know if we can moved out that place for just one day. Moving is a lot of work. From packing to loading our stuff is too much. It's crazy how we did it.

Here are our schedule: One day to look for a place to stay, which thankfully we did found our new home. Two days to packed the whole house and moved the same day. We achieved all of those things. From loading our stuffs to unloading it to the new house. After that we need to clean our new place and decorate it. Up to now we are still not done but it's getting there. Before I forget we just now had our internet connection that's why I didn't get online this passed days.

Even if we have internet I still can't get online because we are so busy cleaning the new house and organized everything. Our only time to rest is when we go to bed. Then I can finally feel that I am so tired. Okay people I got to go now need to go back to work. I will post more topic later. Sayonara for now!