The Numerology Love compatibility

Numerology was once a part of mathematics and was used by some great mathematicians like Pythagoras. It is now considered as pseudo mathematics by modern scientist. Numerology is actually the belief in numbers that they effect are life’s in some way or the other.

Today it is associated with paranormal and has lots of followers. People hold firm belief that numbers like their birth date, name, effects they way they will lead their life name. Numerology love compatibility remains one of the most common aspects of numerology.

Each number that love compatibility meter shows has a different meaning listed below are the meaning that each number carries, the results will obviously be not as accurate as professional numerologist will predict but still you can have a rough idea.

Love Relationship (0)
If the numerology love compatibility meter shows 0, this means that the relationship is just fine you don’t expect much from each other and contented with what ever comes to you.
Love Relationship (1)
This means that you maybe a self centered person but the one involved in you will love you despite of this also your relation will grow stronger as in progresses.
Love Relationship (2)
Numerology Love compatibility meter shows 2 it means you are a caring and supportive partner and you are very sensitive about your partner and understand is you lover is worried or something has gone wrong.
Love Relationship (3)
You may appear a bit flirty but it’s just to show and has no serious threat to your relation you need a partner who enjoys entertainment and conversation.
Love Relationship (4)
You are a faithful and very affectionate partner and care deeply for the loved one.
Love Relationship (5)
If your numerology love compatibility is 5 you are a person who needs personal space if the partner tries to cage you or interfere too much in your matters this may result in a breakup.
Love Relationship (6)
Such kind of people need usually enjoy strong relationship. They need lot of affection and feel incomplete without a partner.
Love Relationship (7)
You need a partner that provides you time to be with yourself. Though you love your partner and want to express but you are unable to.
Love Relationship (8)
Partner who provides financial help can be your best soul mate. Though the relationship may not be as passionate but still can be long lasting.
Love Relationship (9)
People with love numerology compatibility of 9 usually fall in love easily and often with wrong partners. You need to select your partner carefully so that the relationship grows strong.
Love Relationship (11)
Findind the perfect partner may be difficult because of your idealist nature and you might fall in and out of love easily.

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